You run your business. We help you to manage your currency.

The principals at Bannockburn have a combined 125 years of capital markets experience and in today’s rapidly evolving market this is needed more than ever to identify the right strategies and to provide sound, proactive advice. This experience is our key asset and is central to our success and to that of our customers.

What we are creating at Bannockburn is a throw-back firm where the focus is simply on the intellectual challenge of giving counsel that makes each individual client more successful. We have no proprietary activities, do nothing in conflict with our clients, and have no pressure to sell, bundle, or tie ancillary products. Unconstrained, this allows for our partners to concentrate on providing a tailored perspective on market activity, direction, and price.

The financial world has fundamentally changed. Volatility is more extreme and with new regulations financial institutions can no longer transfer risks to their customers or price their services in a non-transparent fashion. Our client-first approach leads to a deeper level of relationship that can only be found within the flexibility of a boutique firm. This model will purposely serve fewer clients but with a much higher level of commitment.

At Bannockburn we are earning our success every day. One transaction at a time.